How to decline the Amazon prime delivery option?

10 Nov 2020

What do you like about an e-commerce service? It could be highly efficient operations or streamlined supply chain. Or, you can appreciate the robustness of the technology. By far, Amazon has been serving all this. It makes the organization the technological behemoth. Nevertheless, some people can get stuck into the issues. However, in case, they do not understand about the situation. They can contact amazon 24/7 hour customer service


Amazon has sought to make the online shopping process as streamlined as possible. One-click shopping, a massive catalogue of items, and Amazon Prime have made the internet giant one of the most popular stores of all time. Amazon has achieved popularity with its own products, such as the Kindle ebook reader, Fire tablets and the Echo smart centre. For too many customers using Amazon to purchase everything from smartphones to lychees, some of the issues are expected.

Besides, Amazon prime has a lot to do with their quality of services as far as e-commerce is concerned. In case you have not opt for the prime. And, you go to the purchase a item over the Amazon. The e-commerce giant asks you multiple times that is no less than four time to sign up for the prime. However, you do not get the pressure to be the Prime Member and at any moment, you can avoid the Amazon’s offer of a 30-day free trial.

When do you get the message for sign up to the prime membership?

1. When you look at the product, you see a sign-up message at first.  In case you consider whether to add the product to your shopping cart. You tick the box. However at the same time you get to buy anything that's caught your eye. At the same time you'll start your 30-day trial as well.

In case you do not prefer it, you can remove the tick from box. If you do this, you'll get a final screen where you can confirm that you want to go ahead with your free trial. If you don't want this to happen, press the message that reads 'Continue Don't Get Free One-Day delivery’.

2.  You'll see this image of the product if you try to add it to your basket. In case you're not a member yet. Clicking the 'No thanks' button means that you will get less ads This doesn't come up all the time, in fact, we've only seen it once when we checked out the various buying choices. If you inquire to be informed of the trial, you can see a pop-up before you validate your order.

3. If you said no at the other juncture, you'll get one final response before you finish your order. It's identical to the one you get to validate your Prime Trial, and you need to click the same button if you don't want to sign up.
If you've signed up but don't want to stay after a 30-day trial, you can cancel a subscription to your account menu, which can be reached from the top of the Amazon homepage.

How can I contact Amazon customer service?

There are almost five options to get your product delivered. However, in case you do not want Prime. Don’t select that delivery option, Amazon offers other sign-up adverts. However, every time you get the confirmation about whether you want your trial before you complete your order

On the other hand, you select the ‘Continue Don’t gain FREE One-Day Delivery’ option to not be signed up. In case you find issues with Amazon service.  You can talk to Amazon 24/7 hour customer service.  However, the prime option is the best one to choose.