Find Out Why ‘Verizon Email Not Working’ Issue Comes Around & Its Solutions!

16 Sep 2022

Is your Verizon Email Not Working? If that’s the case, you must have been suffering a lot at your work. But, the good news is, you’ll need no longer be facing the same issue in future as we have come up with a solution guide on Why is Verizon Email Not Working’?

Verizon email is a famed email service provider which now has stopped its mailing services. Due to which, Verizon asks its users to shift to AOL for continuing its services.

Apart from this, it’s absolutely possible to login your email account if you already had shifted your services from Verizon to AOL.

People using any service attach with it and at the time when it creates issues, it becomes difficult to manage the issues, especially if you’re novice user for the services. But do not worry as we, through this post, will make sure to help you with the various kinds of ideas about dealing with your ‘Verizon email not working issues.’ So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to fix Verizon Email Not Working’ Issue?

To fix Verizon email issue, you need to follow the given troubleshoots. Work on the given factors which might be pulling your email back from better functioning. Follow the given steps thoroughly and see if it makes any difference.

At the time of witnessing troubles in your email, you should try the given fixes accurately.

Starting with:

Optimize the Web Browser:

Anytime, if you use browser for the purpose of launching your service software, make sure it’s free from any kind of issues first. This is because the browser, if having any issue, will not be a successful helper for your work to be done.

When we talk about optimization of web browser, it includes several things altogether. For instance: clearing caches, history, fixing configuration settings, etc.

Log out your account from the web browser and clear the unwanted stuffs and then retry login again.

Nullify Antivirus:

You can disable antivirus that is installed in your browser. This way; it becomes easy for your email software to be launched and flourished without facing difficulties.

Antivirus is installed for the purpose of securing your device as well as browser you are using. However, it can be a restriction for your email as well. Therefore, we recommend disabling it as soon as possible.

Fix Verizon email settings

Since Verizon email has shifted its services, you also need to set up it accordingly. By doing so, you need to change the server as well.

Talking about server settings, there are two kinds of settings associated with your email.

  • POP3
  • IMAP

Both works for incoming as well as outgoing email as defined here.


Outgoing mail “SMTP”: port number;465,

Incoming mail “IMAP”: port number;993,

For POP3:

Incoming mail “POP3”: port number;995,

Outgoing mail “SMTP”: port number;465,

Regenerate password:

Oftentimes, you will come across issues where you have forgotten the password of your email. In such scenario, resetting password remains the only option. Here’s the complete step guide to help you how you can reset your password for your email.

  • First of all, you need to get inside of your email.
  • For that, enter the username.
  • Tap the “next” button.
  • After that, right under the password section, you will find “forgot password” written there. Click on it and go ahead with the remaining steps.

How to Fix Verizon Email not Working on iPhone?

  • Initially, you need to open your chrome browser on the device.
  • Then after, you should pick the three dots that is there on the top right corner of the chrome window.
  • From there, choose ‘settings’ option.
  • After that, you will be able to see ‘Privacy and security’ option to the left of the settings tab.
  • Now, clear all the browsing data by setting up the time.
  • Tick on the three options available on the screen and then tpa on the “Clear data.”

Verizon Email not Working on Android

  • For a head start, switch on your internet connection on the device.
  • Move to the setting part of your device.
  • Coming to the about section, you need to find out software information.
  • Click on the software update which will help your device to be updated soon.
  • As soon as your device gets updated, you can use it by rebooting your device.

Such reasons seems difficult to find out; however, it can be a big hurdle for launching and better functioning of your software on your device.

Verizon Email not working on Mac, why?

For your Verizon email working on your Mac, you should follow the given steps in a well applied manner. Here’s how to fix Verizon email not working issue on Macbook.

  • One: launch your macbook and move to the application folder.
  • After that, you must visit the ‘File menu.’
  • Here, Add an account, it’s compulsory.
  • After that, select IMAP, when a general wizard opens.
  • Next, you should put your email address and the server settings in the account description section.
  • Enter username and the password associated with your email.
  • Set outgoing server settings here.
  • Use the authentication box
  • Tap the Continue button and this way you will be able to fix Verizon issue on the macbook.

Common Solutions for Verizon Email not Working on AOL:-

As causes behind issue remain a lot, it’s necessary to try for a variety of things in order to fix the issue. Talking about AOL, you should try the given steps which includes changing in server settings and other fixes.

  • Update the software to the latest one.
  • Try to make sure that the browser you are using is free from caches and history.
  • You should be connected to the fast internet.

These fixes are the primary action that you should take, for sure. Instead of it, you can go for other solutions that are server settings.

  • POP3-995-SSL
  • SMTP-465-SSL
  • Incoming mail server (POP3):
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • SMTP-465-SSL
  • Incoming mail server (IMAP):
  • IMAP-993-SSL

Summing up!

If your Verizon Email Not Working, you should follow the given steps thoroughly. Email plays an important role to establish a gentle communication among businesses or even in personal usage. Among various emails, Verizon had been rendering its services for years but it has stopped for any reason and asked its users to shift to the AOL services.

Well, those who have shifted earlier can now access to their Verizon account without any issue. Apart from this, glitches are common to occur and the necessary thing is to be assisted with authentic source such as Verizon support team.