Can I have multiple accounts on Facebook?

06 Oct 2020

Today, most people have a Facebook account to stay in touch with friends and family. It also helps you to share photos and post regular updates about daily happening in your life. With Facebook, there is no limit on the number of accounts that a person can have. Some users make a separate account for their things and another account for their business or other interests. As a Facebook account is linked with a unique email address, people can have 2 Facebook accounts if they are providing a different email. New users always get confused about this problem and the creation of a new account.

If you’ve any queries related to Facebook then consider seeking the help of the technical team. They’ll guide the users with precise troubleshooting steps.

Creating another Facebook account

If you want to create a 2nd account on Facebook then you just have to enter your details with a new email address:

  • At first, just register for a second email address if you are having only one. It will take only a few minutes to sign up for a new email address.
  • After creating a new email, go to the Facebook homepage and tap on sign up. You need to fill in the required fields on the sign-up form.
  • In this step, you are just needed to enter an email address that you have not used earlier for account creation. Mention your first and last name, a password, your gender and birth date to get started.
  • Here, click the green "Sign up" button below the form fields and just verify your account.

It is possible to have multiple Facebook accounts but only when you are having a different email address and phone number. For more details on this, you can easily get in touch with the experts on Facebook customer support. There’s a team of technical professionals who’re available for your instant help.

How does Facebook know if you have multiple accounts?

FB has mentioned in their policy that a user can have one single account for all your professional and personal interests. For other things, you can create a FB page or consider groups for specific requirements.

Facebook always run a duplicate account check to monitor and disable the duplicate accounts. Because of this, you need to enter a different email and phone number every time to create a new account on Facebook.

Can I have a second Facebook account?

can you have 2 Facebook accounts? This is a common query that is asked by many users on FB. Let’s have a look at some of the facts and pointers that will guide you about this:

Facebook verifies the identity of the people who are using it. It's against the FB community standards to create more than one personal account on Facebook. If you're using your profile to represent something other than yourself then you are free to convert it to a Page.

Can I make 2 Facebook accounts with the same mobile number?

If you want to have 2 Facebook accounts then you must mention two different phone numbers. As you are only allowed to create one FB account, an email address or a phone number needs to be linked with the account. If you’ll try to link the same phone number to a new profile then it will be removed from the old account. So, with the same mobile number, you cannot create 2 different Facebook account.

You can ask for technical help from the experts of the FB support team for assistance on this. The techies troubleshoot the problems in an easy and timely manner. So, feel free to ask your technical queries to them without any hesitation. They’re accessible all day night for asking queries about your FB account problems. FB users just need to call the experts via helpline number for quick technical aid.