Can You Use Vanilla Gift Cards On Cash App? Link Gift Card To Cash App

25 Apr 2022

Currently, any user is not allowed to use the Vanilla Gift Cards on Cash App. The reason is, that the cash app does not accept any gift cards on the application. And, because you cannot add your Vanilla Gift card, this means you are not able to send money through the cash app. Alternatively, you can try sending money using the instant transfer method or maybe cashing out. Get detailed information on Can You Use Vanilla Gift Cards On Cash App?

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Do you want to know why the cash app does not allow any gift cards to be linked to the cash app? Is there any way to use gift cards on the cash app? To find the answer, continue reading the post!

Why Can’t I Use a Vanilla Gift Card on Cash App?

Here is something very important to understand the cash app only accepts cards that are issued by the government and should fall under the category of VISA card, American Card, Discover, and MasterCard. Apart from these, other cards are totally prohibited to be used or added to the cash app.

On the other hand, Gift cards are prepaid cards and cannot be used with the cash app. However, the card should be used for direct cash out without adding it to other applications.

What Options Do I Have?

Because direct use of gift cards on the cash app is prohibited, it cannot be used with the cash app. However, there are other alternative methods that can be used to make use of your gift card.

We have provided options to find out about your gift card usage.

Indirect Transfers

Initially, you are required to link your Vanilla Gift card to Venmo or PayPal accounts. Adding these two applications will be useful for using the balance of your prepaid card.

Once you have added your gift card to one of the platforms, the next step is to link your cash app account or cash card with the same platforms.

It is absolutely easy to add your cash card or account with one of such platforms.

After adding both (cash app account and the gift card), you need to transfer the funds from your gift card to one of the platforms like Venmo or PayPal.

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If you want to transfer money from PayPal then you can do it easily from a mobile application.

Once transferred, now you need to use the money that is now in your PayPal or Venmo account, to transfer it on the cash app. It will take a moment to transfer funds into your account.

It is an indirect method of adding funds from gift cards.

The process may require you to pay a little fee as well.

Cashing Out

The alternative method by which you can receive your gift card money is by cashing out funds from it. For that, you are required to choose these options.

In order to convert your gift card into cash, you need to visit one of the exchange booths where you need to give your card and receive cash in return. Once you get the cash, you can simply deposit it into the cash app account.

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Also, there are several third-party sites that are there to help you with exchanging gift cards for cash. Choose one of the sites and then sell your gift card and receive money.

Note: the selection of sites should be well done because there are numerous fraud sites available that promise to pay you, however, once the card is given, they disappear.

Do not be stuck in such a situation therefore we recommend checking the legitimacy of such a site.

Alternatively, you can sell your gift card to one of your friends who are in need of it. This will help you to get the amount directly without much wait into your Cash app account.


How to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card?

In order to get cash directly from a gift card, you need to visit one of the exchange booths where the gift card exchange for cash takes place. These places are very much secure and the funds are credited instantly after the process is done.

How to transfer money from visa gift card to cash app?

There is no direct way of transferring money from a gift card to a cash app. However, an alternative option is there to do so. It is adding gift cards to PayPal or Venmo along with the cash app. Then, transfer funds from the gift card to PayPal or Venmo and then transfer the same funds into your linked cash app account.

Wrapping Up!!

Can You Use Vanilla Gift Cards On Cash App? No, because the Cash App does not accept any gift cards to be added with the cash app. It only accepts some government-approved cards such as VISA, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard only. Any card, apart from this, will not be allowed to be used directly on the cash app. Try alternatives to get the gift amount into your cash card.

Hope it helped!

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