How Do I Resolve Centurylink Email Issue? An Easy Way To Resolve The Issue

13 Sep 2022

Are you someone using Centurylink Email for your official work? Then this blog will be best suited for you, as we will be talking about each and everything related to Centurylink Email here. This post is going to be focused on Centurylink and also, how do we deal with Centurylink Email Issue?

Lots of people not necessarily rely on the Gmail, Yahoo, or other mailing services. They have other options like Centurylink Email too. With the help of it, sending and receiving mail becomes easy and it’s reliable source for millions of users. Yet, some technical and general problems are certain to come across with Centurylink email, where users sometimes get into trouble of how to resolve the issue. Well, the answer is hidden in this blog.

You will experience smooth mailing facilities as well as errors sometimes coming to you with hidden sources. I mean, you won’t even realize what issue you’re actually facing. Well, worry not as the blog will let you know causes, their reasons, and of course the resolution for the same.

Centurylink works with the help of multiple technical requirements. For instance, it needs proper internet connection, clean browser, updated software version, etc. In case anything is missing, it’s certain to have issues with your Centurylink mail.

Now, let’s focus on the reasons why Centurylink sometimes appears down:

Reasons why Centurylink Email causing issues

1.Exceeding space on attachment files

As of now, there is a size limit of file you attach onto the Centurylink mail. It’s 20 MB for an email and the total storage is 15 GB. Hence, you should avoid creating mail more than 20 MB to not be stuck at any point. Additionally, split your work to send it via two mails rather than one.

2.Putting wrong credentials

This is one of the most common errors that most of the users commit. In order to send email, you must enter the correct details of the recipient.

3.Email server down

With abundance of usage, it’s common to have server down. Users, at this point, cannot take any step as it’s an error from Centurylink mail. It would take time to be normal. Wait till then.

4.Poor Internet connection

As said, the internet speed matter the most when it comes to better functioning of your email. The network might be interruptive because of various reasons. If you find any, work on it. Rather, switch to another secure network.

5.Email settings are not configured

You need to configure your mail settings. It’s needed for the better flow of sending and receiving emails. If that’s not done properly, you are prone to get the errors.

How to solve Centurylink mail issue?

The given tips will help you solve Centurylink mail issue quickly and easily.

  • Reset Account password when login issue occurs:

While having issues with Centurylink log in, you need to reset the login credentials and then try log in with other details. This way; you can resolve login issue without much tension.

  • Delete or move Spam or junk email

Sometimes with the loads of spam email, your inbox has no space to receive emails anymore. In such case, you should delete the spam mail and send it to the recycle bin. This way; it gets space to receive emails.

  • Setting Configuration

The most common issue which comes handy is the setting configuration. You are not getting emails due to the poor setting configuration for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Here’s a way to change it.

Incoming Mail Server Settings:

  • Server –
  • PORT – 993
  • Security – SSL / TLS
  • Username
  • Password

Outgoing Mail Server Settings:

  • Username
  • PORT – 587 / 465
  • Security – SSL / TLS
  • Password
  • Server –

How to delete Centurylink email account?

  • First, launch your CenturyLink.
  • Then, pick the “User Settings” from ‘My CenturyLink menu.’
  • Go to the Manage User section and search out the specific email you want to delete.
  • Once found, move down side of the email and click on the “Remove User” option.
  • You will be asked for confirmation about Account removal. Tap “OK” and move ahead.
  • In case you don’t want it to be cancelled, simply choose ‘Cancel’ option.

Disable anti-virus

If you’re using anti-virus, make it disabled as soon as possible. By doing so, you will regain your Centurylink mail working. Your anti-virus creates a wall to restrict function Centurylink mail.


Why can't I get My CenturyLink email?

If you’re not receiving mail in your Centurylink, there are chances that your browser is having some issues. It could be junk and caches that your browser is holding. For that, you need to clear the caches and then ask the recipient to send the mail again.

How do I reset My CenturyLink email?

Yes, you can reset your Centurylink email. To do so, you need to choose the Reset button on your Centurylink mail and then change the password accordingly. After you change, try with new password to log in Centurylink email.

How do I fix my email not working?

You need to try for a few fixes, if you’re not sure what there could be behind the issue. First, try changing the network. The second is, clear your chrome browser. Third is, set setting configuration and so on.

Try using the correct log in credentials every time you log in. Also, if in case you forget it, click on the Forgot Password and create it again.

Is CenturyLink upgrading their email?

From time to time, Centurylink keep updating its services for the betterment of users. With updating, new features and look comes out that makes it more attractive and user friendly at the same time.

Can I keep my CenturyLink email?

Your email belongs to you and that’s enough to say that you can keep it for days without any issue. But, you should visit randomly to your email as the Centurylink mail policy might close your account after a long pause on visiting the email. Make it frequent to visit and you’ll have no issues.

Did CenturyLink get hacked?

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere to take advantage of others’ data, money, etc. and Centurylink is not out of this trap. But, you can make your Centurylink mail account safe if you perform rightful activity on it. For instance, Use of private network, frequent update of Centurylink, keeping credentials safe are some necessary acts you should be doing. Also, in case you still get trapped, reach out Centurylink help desk.

Summing Up!

Like other emails, Centurylink Email Issue is no different. There are breaches which you need to tackle here as well. Email is an essential communication method that works for both organizational and personal transaction of information. To make it happen, it’s necessary that you choose right email services and above all the right kind of approach for your account to be safely working.

The given measures are essential for your Centurylink mail working freely and most sophisticatedly. Follow it, and see if that’s making any difference in your betterment.