How To Disable Cash App Card? (Step-By-Step Guide)

25 Apr 2022

Disabling cash cards is not a hectic practice; however, it could be done by performing a few activities on your cash app. Cash app card Disablement basically means putting stoppage on the card services from your end. By doing so, you will not be able to perform any transaction using your cash card; thus it is blocked. This might be a life-saving option when your account is being compromised or you have found anything wrong with your cash card or account. Want to know How To Disable Cash App Card? Continue Reading till the end!

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Cash App which is known for its magnificent features and easy interface has gained users millions and became one of the most popular online payment applications in the USA and UK.

As time is changing and the demand for online things are emerging, the cash app has come out as a wonderful opportunity for those who want to send and receive funds quickly and safely. This one application has several useful features which seem fulfilling all the needs of a user.

One such feature of the cash app is ‘Cash Card.’ It is a debit VISA card that is linked with a cash app account and can be used at any store or for online purchases as a traditional debit card. The use of cash cards is absolutely free but within the set limits.

Today, this post is going to help you secure your cash app account and also have provided steps to do so.

Can you Disable your Cash App Card?

Yes, your card can be switched off via your cash application in a matter of seconds. By doing so, you will not be able to make payments, purchases, withdrawals, and more which is done with the help of a cash card.

It is necessary to know that your cash card is linked with your cash app account, and if there is anything suspicious occurs, it will affect your account balance. That is why we recommend using Disable Card option anytime you feel your account or card is being compromised.

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Therefore, it is highly recommended that never share your card pin and also choose a specific place where you could find out your card instantly.

How to Disable Cash App card?

The steps are easy to be followed. Follow the steps.

  • As soon as you open the cash app, you need to find out the “Cash Card” option.
  • Once clicked on the cash card, you will see a toggle button.
  • Now, you need to move this toggle to the off position in order to disable card services.
  • By doing so, you will no longer be able to use your cash card at stores, or for online purchases until you push the toggle to enable a cash card.

What happens when I Disable my Cash App Card?

As soon as you disable your cash app card feature, all the activities related to your cash card will be put on hold. Also, you will not be able to perform payment activity at any restaurant, store, and online purchase.

Also, if you have disabled your cash card just because you think that it is compromised, you should perform the ‘Disable Card’ activity and immediately contact to cash app support team.

The best thing about cash card disablement is that you can reactive it after you think the issue has been resolved.

How to Enable your Cash App Card?

As described, there is also an option available to enable your cash card. To do, follow the given below steps:

  • Launch the app and find the cash card option.
  • After that, click on the cash card and it will take you to the new page where a Toggle could be seen.
  • Now, the toggle needs to be pushed to the ‘ON’ position in order to enable your cash card.
  • Once you do that, you will see that your cash card is now active which means, you can now perform transactions freely as before.

Why can’t I enable my Cash App card?

Sometimes, there could be issues found when you try to enable your cash card. There are chances it might scare you as ‘What happened with my account.’ However, you need not worry at all. There are a few factors responsible for why your cash card is not enabling. We have listed some tips that could help you with the issue.

You need to be aware that the cash app and your device need to be updated in order to avoid any glitches while using it. So, update both if they are not already.

  • Sometimes, a few glitches in your device could create an issue. Try switching off and then on your device.
  • There is a higher possibility that your cash app is not responding properly. In such a case, force quit the app and then log in to your account again.
  • Alternatively, you can also uninstall your cash app and install it again and try if the issue gets resolved.

How long can you deactivate your Cash Card?

The clear answer is ‘till your issue gets resolved.’  You have the right to keep your cash card disabled until you find your issue is now being resolved. But, you should be careful enough about the expiry date of your cash card. As, if the card is expired, you are no longer be able to enable it again.

In that case, you will need to order a new card and that could be possible via cash application.

When Can you Decide to Disable Your Card?

It is not a big deal to decide whether you should disable your card or not, as soon as you have knowledge of your card being compromised.

It is essential that you understand when your card is being compromised and with what sources. However, we have listed a few scenarios where you should choose to disable a card all of a sudden.

Found suspicious activity – At the time when you find out your cash app is under suspicious activity, you should immediately disable the card and reach out to the cash app team.

Unusual Expending – Sometimes, you notice that your card amount is deducted automatically. This is something that is common if you are not conscious of your cash app account. In order to stop this, you need to disable card services immediately.

Can you still use Cash App if Cash Card Is Disabled?

Yes, blocking a cash card doesn’t restrict cash app services and therefore, you can freely use your cash app even after your cash card is disabled.

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Users should be familiar with the cash card and cash app relation. The cash card is a reflection of the cash application and is linked with the cash app and uses money from there as well while the card is used. But, it does not control the cash app; however, the cash app controls the card and could be used irrespective of the cash card.

However, you should need to know that blocking cards will restrict all necessary transactions such as withdrawing money from ATMs, payments at stores, online payments, etc.

Final Say!

The Cash App is the one-stop solution for all the financial issues you come across while transacting online. It has more than 37 million users and is a big name in the USA and UK in the field of online transactions. Also, it provides numerous features to its users of which Cash Card is the supreme one.

A cash Card is like a traditional debit card used to pay at clubs, restaurants, and online as well.

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However, this could be blocked via the cash app while finding any suspicious activity on it. If you are one of them finding How To Disable Cash App Card? You should go through the complete post.

Hope this was an informative blog. Drop your doubts in the comment section.