What is the process to have a live chat on Amazon?

11 Nov 2020

As an ecommerce giant, the Amazon has been serving the people for a while.  Either, it is the efficiency of the delivery or the quality of the product. Amazon has been leader in the e-commerce segment. Having business across the oceans, Amazon put all the efforts to keep the system intact. However, as it is said, “nothing is perfect” so does the Amazon. There is always a margin of error while you are having a deal to the Amazon. In case, you have encountered an issue recently and did not get a way to solve the issue. Get in touch with amazon live chat.

How do I contact amazon by chat?

In case you are not aware of the process to access the live chat option to Amazon. Here, we have summarized the guided process to get in touch with someone from Amazon.

Follow the steps to report your issue during a live chat on Amazon website.

1. Access your account by login-in using your credentials.

2. Go to the footer section and click on the Help at right.

3. The page offers many options which you can prefer to make changes to your account and other services.

4. Else, scroll down and hover on the “Need more help” under the browse help topics.

5. You get the “Contact us” option.

6. Once you click on the same, the page offers you multiple options all under the range of Amazon services.

If you're in a supermarket or ordering online, getting your payment rejected while you're shopping will come as a nasty shock. If you're using Amazon, you could get a message telling you to "check your payment process" when you place an order, which tells you there's something wrong with the card you've actually connected to your account.

They're going to be able to clarify just why payment has been declined. If the transaction is of especially high value, it could be because your bank has flagged it as fraudulent because it falls beyond the normal spending range and you need to sanction it with it.



Here, you have to select the one, however pick anyone according to your issue. It will help the Amazon team to categorize the issue to align the relevant resource.

Once you pick an option such as payment, charges and gift cards. A window will appear to get the additional details from you under the Tell us more. A drop down allows your choose the specific issues which you encountered genuinely.

Here are the options:

1. Payment issues

2. Payment methods and addresses

3. Unknown and incorrect charges

4. Problem with a Gift card

5. Move funds to another account

6. Where is the Gift card for my trade-in?

7. Other gift card question?


These common issues may have a number of sub issues. However, once you submit the sub-issues from a drop down list under the major drop down. You get a section which elaborate about the issue. It may have many external links that point out to some source of information.

However, if you are just wish to contact someone at Amazon. Here, you get the option via an email, phone or chat.

As, you opt for the chat option by clicking on the same.  A window will appear and someone from the Amazon will entertain you. Here, you can express you issue with amazon chat support.


In conclusion

Amazon has been serving a number of customers on daily basis. But, it always focuses on being a customer centric organization while delivering the services from entertainment to the products.

Moreover, if you face any kind of issue, it is worth to have amazon live chat.