Does Cash app really give away money?

20 Nov 2020

Today, who is not aware of the social media? However, if it is for good, it may be for bad too. You'll see plenty of false tweets, sketchy advertisements and strange messages lurking in your inbox. It's not an accident. The emphasis of social media on networking and posting content makes it the ideal vector for scams and cons. Cash App, one of the most common payment apps on the internet uses free giveaways for its customers. However, due to lack of trust into internet contest, few people may be doubtful for Cash app really give away money.

Social media platforms are perfect ways to advertise your brand or your company. In reality, one of the most popular apps for sending and receiving money run the frequent contest on Twitter.  It holds weekly competitions and cash prizes.

In case you are picked by the cash app. The owners of the app will let you know about transferring your prize to your CashApp account. These contests are usually run on regular basis whether on a special occasion or at the weekly basis.

Till date, many celebrities have utilized the Cash app contests especially for their promotional purposes. However, all these things would be prone to scams too.

By updating their usernames and logos to something close to the official Cash App account. These offenders are going through comment threads and contact users who have earned a giveaway. Once the victim's trust has been earned. They ask for a small payout of about $1-$5 via Cash App to "confirm their identity." When the money is actually sent the scammer is long gone.

Does Cash app actually send money??

If the sum they are pilfering does not seem like much, small portion transfers like this will easily add up into a considerable amount. However, the contests include a number of participants which could be easily targeted. And, these scammers make enough amount out of these events.

If anyone has doubt in mind that Cash app really give away money. There should be no doubt that Cash App hosts real giveaways. They give the prize to a number of winners which sometimes touches the thousands.

However, there is one thing to consider that the cash app never ask for the verification of the identity as compared to the scammers.

Besides, you can follow the steps if you want to have fun without losing your money. Answer or retweet the contest threads, but keep an eye out of the cryptic messages from the accounts you don't know.

You should be careful for the requests for money or the purchase of gift cards, and be especially wary of accounts claiming to be CashApp

What should you do to avoid the scammers?

However, it is worth to consider that during an authentic cash app event, a user gets the prize into his/her account directly.  In any case, the cash app never requests for any initial amount in the wake of prize. If you have encountered such messages while participating for the cash app give away or super cash Friday. It You first need to verity the account first as most scammers use the nearly similar, but not the same account as Cash app.

On social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram, CashApp owns a verified account which means the social platforms has validated the identity of cash app. They highlight the account with blue checkmark next to the account’s username. It tells you the profile is genuine. In case you get a message claiming to be from CashApp,but the profile does not consider a blue check mark. It has high probability that the profile is probably fake.