What do you expect while there is the Google services outage?

02 Nov 2020

a huge base of Google users felt a shock of widespread service disruption. The event was almost an hour long and includes the disruption to the Google Gmail, You Tube and Google Docs services.

 As reported by the Downdetector, many users have not been able to access the Google essential services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google’s search engine. The outage of the services was because of Google servers down.

 On the same day, the Google updates its G Suite status. The global tech giant indicated a message about the failure of major Google service including Gmail, Google Calendar. However, the incident has the significant impact over the corporate firms which have been using the Google cloud infrastructure to provide their services. It is the genuine case of Google outage.

Why is Google not working?

However, Google found the cause of concern for this serious outage of essential services.

As per a senior official from Google that major cause of this failure is “a pool of servers that route traffic to application backends crashed and users on that particular pool experienced the outage.”

These resources became much more important for connecting and engaging in the present global situation, with the bulk of the population working from home. There is a need to deal with the increase in the active customer base using these services. If there is case of Google cloud outage, the entire supply chain and technology must scale up to ensure that the user experience is not compromised.

Initially people will look out for the internet connection. Some active people will contact their service provider in case of Google outage. Some initiate detection to their hardware.

People take their own time to realize that there is an issue with the Google services. When they find that major services down. For instance, the Google Calendar down was real during the recent outage. However, there is one thing is common to load the service desperately again and again.

Then there would be exodus of the posts and tweets with the screenshots of Google Server Error Page.

What people do while essential Google services are down?

Now Facebook newsfeed comes into action with the shots of exotic comments. Then, people could look for the alternate search engine with a list of pros over the Google search engine. But how and where, many of them never go beyond the Google. For now, there is just an error page.

However, those know will tend to the Bing and Yahoo. And, these search engine finds a great extent of traffic while Google servers down.

Few people can realize the DuckDuckGo – a search engine also will be a better option. The search engine also does not track you so can be better an option.

The corporate can be a bit worry for the revenue loss, even Google senior executives has this in mind too. A huge list of the corporate utilizes the Google cloud infrastructure for their services.

Many people on the roads can feel hopeless while there is not Google Maps while others can lose in the rush.

Once fixed, the Google intimates over the G suite about the service’s status. The technological giant also releases statement in the press with an explanation.  However, during this event, the internet is not affected in China. They are still being working hard.

Some people, especially tech enthusiasts track the event while expecting a genuine technical reason for the google outage snapchat.  Media would go crazy as they take the expert comments to provide the analysis of the situation.

In conclusion

However, the technological glitch is common. But when it comes to the internet giant, it is not as acceptable as in case of other. Google has a significant involvement in the human’s professional and personal space too.