Cannot place an order on Amazon? But Why?

07 Nov 2020

Amazon has been a great marketplace online. As a consumer you can buy almost everything. Similarly as a business, you can also sell over the Amazon. However, in some cases, there are some restrictions.  They can keep you as a customer or business to prevent ordering something at Amazon. If you encounter such issues, you can speak to someone at Amazon.

Let’s have a look over few cases in which you can get problem to utilize the Amazon services.

  1. Just verify some basic necessities

There are, of course, you may have forgotten certain simple things. In case you can't add something to your Amazon shopping cart. Or, your shopping cart is empty after you've already added items to it.  You may not be signed in to your Amazon account.

Besides, there might be simple things to consider. They includes providing inaccurate payment records, choosing to use an Amazon gift card with inadequate funds.  Moreover, an outdated debit or credit card would also be an abrupt roadblock to Amazon's transaction.

  1. Make sure you have substantial amount in Amazon Payments

In case you utilize the Amazon Payments. It is essentially an equivalent of PayPal or Google Wallet. It is built specifically for Amazon purchases.  Then, there are certain limits that would prohibit you from purchasing those products. Amazon notifies that purchases can not be used to buy digital media, subscriptions, Amazon Prime items, gift cards. It also includes any service offered by a third-party retailer on Amazon Marketplace. Your best bet is to use a personal payment option to order any of these items.

  1. Check on your bank accounts

The hurdle applies to person or company shoppers. The problem is quite common. The companies will face it when they want to buy things from a business checking account. Amazon supports all U.S.-based audit accounts, except business or corporate bank accounts. Amazon still does not consider bank plans as a payment option. Again, you can opt for shop openly on Amazon is with a corporate credit card or an Amazon gift card.

  1. Ensure if there are any shopper bans

 However, your level of diligence is not the concern. It is your type of payment system. In case, the organization concludes about your conduct demerits it. As a buyer, Amazon could ban you. In 2009, Market watchdog announced that Amazon prevented the customer from doing several things. It includes the products returns. It exceeds their limits. Despite the cause, Amazon may have to ban a shopper. In case you are facing an issue with the Amazon. You can talk to a live person at Amazon.

How can I speak to someone at Amazon?

Amazon has a huge base of consumer and if a mere percentage of them have a problem. It sounds crazy for the Amazon Customer Support. They might have issues for the order or account-related problems. In case you try to get into touch with the Amazon representative. It could be a bit tedious.  However, you can follow these steps to speak to someone at Amazon.

  1. Dial 1800 3000 9009 and go to an automatic voice message system.
  2. Click 0 and you will be on hold to chat to’s live customer service representative.
  3. You may wait for a 4 minute period.

You can talk to a customer service person from the Amazon.  This method lands you earliest possible. In most cases, customers are concerned about the orders and shipments. In case you have issues with the order.  You can register you complaints. You get a resolution as soon as possible from the customers support.

In conclusion

Amazon has emerged as a global e-commerce leader. It's a trusted brand among its users. Amazon has millions of happy and satisfied customers all over the world. To ensure the privacy and security of users, users need to create an Amazon account using their email I d and mobile number. Both of these are checked by Amazon using an OTP code.

However, as a technological platform, you can get issues while using the Amazon. If you get such issues, you can speak to a amazon representative.