What you should do if you have a dispute with Amazon?

10 Nov 2020

While dealing with the Amazon, the customers often preferred to use the online payment.  However, the facility embarks the customers on a different journey with a lot of convenience for the shopping and delivery of the product at their door step. But, there might be times when you do not feel satisfied with your purchase. On the other hand, you might find your account charged with unidentified charges. However, you reserve the option to report a problem with Amazon

A lot of concerns emerge when you see charges on your Amazon account that you don't know. Have my account been hacked? Has anybody used my credit card? Should I first call Amazon or my credit company? The above and even more questions you might be asking yourself. It's reassuring to note that you will challenge unexplained charges on your Amazon account.

Unexplained transfers are not necessarily a matter of theft. It may be that a loved one has used your account without your knowledge and/or consent. You may also have forgotten to cancel subscriptions that you no longer use. Whatever the case might be, you should not rush to draw the above assumptions.

These are few reasons the dispute charged for your account. However, a dispute could not be

  • Uncategorized charges on your credit card or the bank account
  • An issue in a transaction over Amazon
  • A order which is paid but not fulfilled
  • The delivered item does not signifies the one displayed over the website
  • There is a difference in the charges as per the reports or statement by Amazon Pay and the transactions made from the credit card, debit card or bank account.

In case you have faced such issue recently. You can opt for the filling the issue to the Amazon or the financial institution.

The important thing to be considered is that it is much easier to conduct a dispute with an merchant like Amazon than with a financial institution like a credit card provider. Amazon may fix the problem of illegal charges with a refund or other alternative. More often than not, the disagreement over a fee includes an Amazon Pay problem. Amazon Pay transfers are mostly smooth, but there are precautions you may follow if you have a disagreement.

How do I contact Amazon to report a problem?

You have to follow some steps if there is a need to initiate a dispute. Let’s assume, you want to contact Amazon to report a problem.

Amazon pay provides the financial bridge between merchant and customers.

  • Go to Amazon Pay and select 'Shoppers'
  • Access the Amazon Pay by utilizing your credentials and select 'Shoppers'.
  • Explore the 'Account Activity' page and search for the relevant order or transaction.
  • For particular order, select the details.
  • On view orders, you can find the option 'Contact Merchant'.
  • Pick the merchant order and send them the details about your issue for respective order.

However, you can add following things to keep the merchant inform as much as possible.

  • Particular details such as the list of items in the order
  • Individual cost of each items in the order
  • Delivery information
  • Genuine details of the order's issues
  • Your preferred resolution of the issue.

It is necessary to keep in mind that not all issues falls in the category of reconciliation. In case you are in such situation, you can have a fair dispute to Amazon pay.

In conclusion

After you request an online dispute settlement form, the Amazon Customer Service Team will investigate the complaint. They can take as long as 45 days to complete the analysis. It is important to remember that Amazon will contact you during this time to request more details about your conflict. These measures are supposed to help you overcome any Amazon problems while you report a problem with Amazon.