Wanna Troubleshoot the complications of disabled Facebook accounts. Here's the Help desk for it

28 Sep 2020

Facebook App has been very popular across the world and it is continued to be popular with time. Who can deny having a Facebook account in today's time. Various facebook users are there who use their Facebook accounts on a daily basis. And in case they have to deal with a disabled Facebook account, what else can be more eyesoring.

So here we have the quick fix to the issues related to the disabled Facebook account.

First of all, let's learn why something like this has happened with us.

Why does Facebook disable our account for no reason ?

Most often, the reason for one's disabled Facebook account, is an inappropriate photo one've posted as nudity of any sort is a big problem on Facebook.

Heinous comments are severely frowned upon. Also impersonating others, using unsolicited contact with other users and fake names for harassing others are not permitted.

Promoting, advertising, dating, or other inappropriate conduct are also not entertained.

It can also happen that the user's account has just been blocked. This means it is not completely disabled but the user cannot use certain features as usual. Like the users can't use the features such as sending messages or friend requests.

The blockage is temporary, but Facebook will not simply lift it for any reason, so the user has to just wait it out .

The user should also try to inform them about what they might have done which caused the blockage. And then try to make them believe that they will not repeat the offense again.

The user should also be aware that their account simply may have been compromised or hacked by some third party. And this very discrepancy might have caused Facebook to get their Facebook account disabled or blocked in case they posted any inappropriate content.

How do we get our disabled Facebook account back ?

If our account has been disabled in error, we have to take action in no time. The first thing we should do is fill out the form, which is available even if we are not logged into the Facebook App.

We can also try sending an email to disabled@facebook.com to enquire why our account was disabled. We can also mention there to explain that we are willing to remove any violating content in order to get our account reinstated.

Facebook's help care section is also available even when we cannot log into Facebook. This section comprises various reasons and warnings why our account may have been blocked or disabled.

If we believe Facebook disabled our account as a security precaution, then it might have been the case that a hacker, malicious app or a virus may have compromised it.

We can visit Facebook's Security page where we can learn about our options for securing and reinstating our account.

In order to recover our disabled account, we will need to show our identity. The document we will produce must have our name. We will get a number of options to opt from but in case we have created a fake account, it will not be possible then to get the account back.

Can a disabled facebook account be reactivated ?

We can reactivate our Facebook account at any time by logging back into Facebook. We can also reactivate our disabled Facebook account by using our Facebook account to log in from some other device.

We should remember that we'll need to have access to the email address or phone number that we used to log in into our account. If we can not remember our password, then we have to request for a new one.

However, if one still requires further help, one can contact the techies. They facilitate basic guidance and instruction to overcome the problem without having any unnecessary issue.