How To Block Someone On Cash App? Get Rid Of Unwanted Requests On Cash App.

29 Jun 2022

Have you tired of receiving frequent unknown requests on the cash app? Want to get rid of it permanently? Here is what we would be discussing about how you can get rid of it easily. This blog is going to be significant in terms of restricting others on the cash app. Also, we will discuss a straightforward way to restrict or avoid someone’s request on your cash app account by How To Block Someone On Cash App?

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Cash App is a well-known, massively used, and highly recommended payment application, particularly in the USA and UK. The app has numerous features to entertain you and also it is helpful in every aspect of your online transactions. But, sometimes it might be hectic for users when they receive requests very often and from unknown sources. Have you experienced it as well? Well, to restrict the request of other users, you have nothing but one way to choose; Blocking User.

Yes, you can block the user to seize the requests you often get on your cash application. For that, you need to visit their personal profile and tap on the three dots found in the top right corner. And, choose the “Block” option. By doing so, you will be able to block the person without him informing.

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What happens when you Block someone on Cash App?

Blocking someone on the cash app means you have cut the connection with that user permanently. Now, you won’t be getting any requests and also will not be able to send requests or transfer money unless you unblock the user.

The best part of it is that the blocked user does not get that he’s blocked. That means it would be anonymous to the user until he finds that his transaction is not allowed with the person.

Can you block someone on Cash App?

Yes, absolutely you can. In order to block someone, you got to visit the activity tab from the home screen, choose the user (name), scroll down to the bottom, and choose the ‘Block’ option.

Also, you can unblock the user anytime your mind has changed.

How to Block Someone on Cash App?

Talking about the specific process of blocking someone, we have listed down the steps:

  • Initially, launch the cash app.
  • Then, tap on the history link which is found in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the user’s profile who you want to block.
  • After selection, tap on the three dots found in the right corner of the screen.
  • After tapping on three dots, you will have many options; choose the display option, and “Block This Person.”
  • Finally, tap on the Block button to complete the process.

How to Unblock Someone On Cash App?

  • As usual, you need to open the cash app.
  • Then, move to the profile section. Next, head to your Profile Section
  • Take a tour of your transaction history from the cash app.
  • Here, choose the person you wish to unblock.
  • There will be an option available to unblock the person.
  • Select the “Unblock” option.
  • After the user is unblocked successfully, you will find it in your contact list.
  • Also, you will now be able to send and request money from the user.

If I Block Someone on Cash App, will they Know?

Actually no, blocking someone will not be seen by the person who has been blocked. There is nothing like the person will get a notification that someone has blocked him on the cash app. However, if you have blocked the person, he will not find you in his contact list.

So, this might be an indication for him to know that he’s been blocked by you.

How to Turn Off Requests All together?

Oftentimes, we become tense because of the abundance of requests on the cash app. This might be hectic to deal with and therefore people choose to turn off the requests. Here is how you can do it:

  • For a head start, you are required to tap on the ‘Profile’ icon from the Cash App.
  • Click on the “Privacy & Security.”
  • Move downwards and tap the toggle to turn off to restrict requests.
  • You can also customize the contacts to receive requests accordingly.

Can I Unblock Someone on Cash App?

Yes, you can unblock users which you have blocked previously. As you block someone, you can unblock him/her easily with the same process. For that, you need to visit the ‘Activity’ tab, then choose the transaction, and then choose the user. After that, visit the profile of that user, tap on the three dots found in the top right corner, and tap on Unblock button.

This is how you can easily unblock the blocked user. Also, make sure to double-click to unblock the user.

Does Cash App notify the other Person When you Block Them?

No, it does not inform the person that he has been blocked. There is nothing like sending notifications to the person informing you that you have been blocked by this user. No, it’s not like that.

This is pretty much clear that you are not going to be informed not the other guy you have blocked about the blocking process on the cash app.

How to Stop Someone from Sending you Money on Cash App?

The best way to seize someone’s transaction is to put him/her on the block list. Cash App lets its users to block anyone who is supposed to be blocked as per users’ intent.

The process of blocking is as easy as it sounds. Users need to visit the person’s profile and tap on the three dots and click Block.

However, the account can be unblocked anytime with the same process.

If I Block Someone on Cash App Can you Unblock Them?

As discussed, both blocking and unblocking are possible on the cash app. The way that you have taken to block an individual could be used to unblock as well.

When you unblock the account, the user will be able to see the person in his contact list.

How to delete Cash App transaction history?

Talking about the deletion of transaction history, it is not possible as there is no option available to conduct it. Also, the transaction history on the cash app is privately secured and needs not be deleted to be safe.

But, if you want to delete it, you will have to delete your account permanently. Deleting your account will erase all the data from the cash app’s server and you won’t be able to make transactions of any kind. Also, other features like cash cards would be disabled instantly.

Summing Up!

Here comes the end of this discussion - How To Block Someone On Cash App? Cash App allows users to block anyone who they think is turbulence in their happy transaction journey. Also, this act will not be identified by the blocked users unless they find that they are unable to make transactions or unable to find the person in their contact list.

Also, blocking a user will seize all kinds of transactions till you unblock the user.

Hope this post was informative and easy to grasp!

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