How To Track Cash App Card? Steps To Take When Cash Card Is Lost

25 Apr 2022

How To Track Cash App Card? There is no facility available by which you can track your cash card if in case it is lost. On the other hand, you can switch off the functioning of the card with your cash app in a matter of seconds. Your cash card does not have any GPS inbuilt in it which could be helpful to track it. The chip-enabled in it is only for transaction purposes.

In the current scenario, people are shifting from the offline to the online world in every aspect of life. Be it financial needs, entertainment, or social contacts, the choice is to opt for online methods to fulfill the work.

In such a situation, an app called cash app is doing fabulous in terms of providing the facility for the finance. This one application contains several features which probably cater to all financial needs of a user living in the USA and UK.

And, one of the best features of the cash app is ‘Cash Card.’ A cash Card is just like any other traditional debit card that is used to pay in stores, online purchasing, and withdraw money from ATMs.

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However, a common issue regarding cash cards is, “Losing Cash Card.” Being a plastic card such as other cards, it becomes challenging to keep it safe. And, this is the reason why users keep posting questions like How To Track Cash App Card? How to save our cash cards? And so on.

Continue reading for the tips to apply to make your card safe.

Can You Track Your Cash App Card?

The cash app card does not contain any GPS in it, and therefore cannot be tracked. However, there are alternative options to create a stoppage in the usage of cash cards till the time you want. Yes, if you find that your card is stolen or you might have forgotten it somewhere, use the ‘Disable Cash Card’ option to keep your card safe.

In order to function Disable the Cash Card feature, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Initially, open the app on your phone.
  • Then, click the ‘Cash Card’ option.
  • Tap on the card’s image.
  • And, choose the option “Disable Cash Card.”

By applying this option, you will be able to hold the card services for the time you want. This is a life-saving step that will protect your cash app account from unwanted reach.

Additionally, you can also report on the cash app if your card is lost or stolen by someone. In order to do so, follow the below-given steps:

  • Launch your app and click on the Cash Card option from the home screen.
  • Put a finger on Cash Card’s image
  • Then, select “Problem with Card”
  • And, then pick “Card Stolen.”
  • You are required to enter a PIN or Touch ID to confirm the activity on your cash app.

By reporting card means your card has been deactivated and all the services related to your cash card will be disabled.

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In order to resume the services, you need to re-order the cash card. A reordering card will automatically put you in the stage of activating your cash card once again.

How to Order a Cash Card?

Ordering a cash card is not a hectic task if you are a verified user of the cash app. What you need to do is to follow the given below instructions properly.

Additionally, the criteria for ordering a cash card need to be fulfilled. For instance, you need to be 18 years old. Also, you are required to be verified as said earlier. And, some more details could be asked such as your full name and the SSN number.

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Get cash card:

  • Launch the app on your screen.
  • Pick the ‘Cash Card’ option.
  • Select the “Get free Cash Card” option.
  • Here, you can choose a color for your cash card. After choosing, click on “Continue.”
  • Then, you can customize the card as per your need; Signing on the card, put a $Cashtag on the card, and so on.

Why You Need to Report Your Cash Card Missing/Stolen Immediately

It is an essential step to make your account safe. Any time, when you witness your card being stolen or compromised, you can either apply to deactivate your cash card or can report your cash card. Generally, if your card is being stolen, you should be doing a report so that any unnecessary activity could be stopped immediately.

Additionally, reporting a cash card will automatically disable your cash card forever and you need to apply for a new cash card. And, to apply for a new cash card, you need to provide all the required details that should be legit as well.

After you have received your Cash Card waiting for almost 10 days, you will have to activate the cash.

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Also, when you report your cash card after stealing, it allows you to order a new cash card.

Otherwise, you will not be able to order a new cash card until you report the previous one.

How to Protect Your Card From Being Stolen

Your security relies on your hands. This is so true in the case of keeping your cash card safe. You need to be active enough about the place where you keep it. Make a single place either in your wallet or somewhere else where you can get it quickly.

Second, you should never hand over your cash card or its PIN. By doing so, you will create a danger for your card to be stolen or used unnecessarily.

Third, you can put extra security on your cash app account which will help to save your account from unwanted reach.

And also, you need to be careful enough to trust the unknown links. Most of the time, these are frauds and sent to benefit you.

Follow all the processes consciously and trust only known links or users.

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Final Words!

After the card is stolen or finding any activity which caused harm, a common question arises and that is How To Track Cash App Card? Bad luck! As there is no facility available by which you can track your cash card and its functioning places. However, you can always put a stoppage on its usage via Cash App. The cash card is the reflection of the cash app account and therefore the security of it is needed a lot. To save your cash card, always keep it in place you can always get it easily, do not share your PIN or Passwords with anyone, Do not hand over the cash card to anyone, etc.

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By following such given steps, you will be able to save your cash card.

Hope it helped! Let us know how you feel about it.