How can I reset the password and recover my SBCglobal email account?

25 Aug 2020

The best way to get back the access of an SBCglobal email account is through resetting the password. Whether you have forgotten your password or your account has been hacked. It is very easy to reset the SBCglobal email account password on a browser, mobile application, and through a website. SBCglobal email users have just to follow some easy tips to reset the password. Also, users have a list of methods to Recover my SBCglobal email account. In this blog, we will discuss the stepwise process of all those methods in detail.

Reset SBCglobal password by answering a security question.

  • Firstly, we have to go to AT & T's official website or open to go to the Password Recovery page.
  • Then click on the checkbox showing the password adjacent to it.
  • Enter the registered SBCglobal email address and complete name.

The above three steps are the default steps and you have to process this no matter what methods you are using to reset the password.

  • Now on the next page, you have to choose for a specific way to reset your password. you will get a list of options in the scroll down menu.
  • Click on "I'll answer my security question" option.
  • Now the user will get some questions in the dropdown section on the next page. The question must be different for different users. You will get a question that you have answered while creating your account.
  • Choose the question that you want to answer and answer it correctly. Answer the selected secret question and continue.
  • If your answer matches the answer previously saved in the data then you will be forwarded to create a new password.
  • Make sure to use a strong and unique combination of alphabets and numbers while changing the password.
  • After this, you will get a notification on the screen that your password has been changed.

Reset SBCglobal password with a temporary password:

If I ever want to Recover my SBCglobal email account with the temporary password method then I have to process it immediately after getting access to my account. This temporary password is valid for a short time span and we have to make sure that the password has been reset soon. Else, the user has to follow the whole process again to recover their account. Follow the best steps to reset the password through a temporary password.

  • Follow the default steps mentioned above and then select for "Send me a temporary password" option from the list of options.
  • Now you will be asked to enter a secondary email address. 
  • Enter the email and click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Assess the secondary email address and locate the temporary password.
  • Enter the same password on the next page along with your registered email address.
  • Since the password, you have received is valid for a short span of time. So, you have to change the password instantly.
  • Now go to the profile section of your account to change the password. However, if you are using a browser then go to the email setting to reset the password.

Both the above-mentioned methods to reset SBCglobal email account password are simple and convenient. Anyone can follow these steps to recover their SBCglobal email account password anytime. Apart from this, SBCglobal also provides 24*7 customer support assistance to solve these types of common issues over call and chat. So, if you are ever unable to login to your account then contact the SBCglobal email account recovery password number to get complete assistance from the experts.