Restore access to Facebook marketplace account with these easy process:

19 Sep 2020

Facebook users face tough times when their marketplace account gets locked unexpectedly. However, this is very common with all of us but most of the users panic when they are not able to see the marketplace icon on their app. A marketplace account can be locked for numerous reasons. If you want to know how to unblock my marketplace on Facebook then you have to read this blog till the end. As we have provided the reasons and solutions to restore access to the marketplace account.

Primarily we will discuss the main reasons due to which a marketplace account can get locked.

  • The first one on the list is a fake account. Social networking sites are like an open park to all the defaulters. They create fake accounts on the Facebook marketplace with the wrong name, sell wrong products, and earn money. Most of the time the products purchased from fake accounts are wrong or defective. Therefore, Facebook has started to separate out those users who have recently created their account. This will not allow any new account to list or sell products on the marketplace. You can also block someone on Facebook marketplace if they are making this practice on this secure platform to make money.
  • Apart from this, the marketplace can also lock your account for selling wrong or defective items. In this scenario, Facebook will lock your account under a high order defect rate. However, Facebook does have strict policies for buyers also. You cannot return, cancel, or change products from your account without any reason. If you have done too many returns, cancellations, or thinking to make any return then stay alert. Facebook has the complete authority to block your account after a few returns.
  • After that, either Facebook will temporarily lock your account for a few months. So, they can also punish you by restricting your account from doing cancellation or returns. Though most of the time we see that they will lock them on the marketplace.
  • Facebook can also lock your marketplace account for making wrong listings or providing wrong information about your product. This will mislead the customers and are strictly against marketplace policies. Moreover, selling a branded product without the brand authorization is also a wrong practice. Most sellers sell copies of branded products at high prices to make money. This type of incident can also result in you permanently blocking a marketplace account.

How do I unblock my marketplace on Facebook?

You can easily get unblocked from Facebook marketplace. Especially, when you have not done anything against policies. Most of the time, the Facebook marketplace blocked your account for violating terms of services. If it was so then you have to raise a claim to know what exactly you have done wrong. Moreover, you can ask executives to unlock your account if it was locked because of the wrong reason. You can also provide substantial proof to prove your innocence.

  • Additionally, if the account was locked due to manual mistakes then you have to change the settings manually. You can edit your profile and make changes in it anytime. Like, if you have mistakenly posted some wrong information or have selected the wrong category then go to your listings and make corrections to it. Facebook will surely look into our proofs and will help me to unblock my marketplace on Facebook.
  • Make sure to check your listings again once your account has been unlocked. As some time, Facebook will remove listing along with blocking an account. They do this when they see something inappropriate in the list or it was delivering something wrong to their other users.
  • You have to recreate your listings to make your products visible to other customers. Make sure to use the correct information this time. Also, choose the correct category and provide the exact dimensions of your product. In the case of branded products make sure that you should have the brand authorization letter from the owner. Otherwise, this will also create an issue with your marketplace account.

Facebook has also proved round the clock support for its marketplace users. So, if you are facing issues in choosing a category for listing your products then you can take the help of these experts.