Counter the issues with Google Maps and calendar

05 Nov 2020

We all have addiction to the technology but what happens when your favorite app does not function as per the norms. You may encounter few instances of Google not working. However, the incident can reflect with the problems to many other applications. Google Maps may get issue while providing the routes to your destination. Or, you may encounter problems with Google calendar while scheduling your next meeting.

There are many reasons as your essential Google services are not working. In maximum cases, you can find a fix in your phone if there are not the Google issues.

Why are my Google services not working?

Your app can not function properly due to weak Wi-Fi connectivity, miss configuration, or out-of-date tech.

Depending on the problem such as Google maps not working, try a couple of these fast fixes to get Google Maps up and running again.

An out-of-date app can trigger performance problems, particularly if you haven't been up-to - date for a long time. It's quick to update Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone, but the procedure is a bit different.

For Android users,

1. Open the Google Play store and then access the menu

2. Tap on the "My Apps and Games" and choose the Google Maps for update


For iPhone users,

Visit the App Store and then tap "Updates."

The issues with out-of-date app are related to the performance, especially if you haven't updated in a long time. 

On the other hand, if you do not have a sufficient level of network. Try to reconnect the Wi-Fi network once you your Wi-Fi off. If it will not get auto connected, you have issues with the network.

There is a remedy in place, if you are extending beyond your cellular network. You can download the Google Maps offline to access your map without any network.

Besides, you may have encountered an issue such as Google calendar not working. As it is an essential app for schedule your work to have a high level of efficiency. Here, we have summarized few issues that you may face with Google Calendar.

Enable the Calendar Sync on Your Device

Maximum devices allow you to enable and disable syncing of various apps. The Google calendar is one of them. While if it not syncing properly, you may have disabled on your device.

Enable the sync and it will work for you:

  • Tap the setting and access the Accounts
  • Pick your valid Google account
  •  Click on the Account sync option to view your sync settings.

Next ensure that the toggle next to Calendar is turned on. It allows the Google calendar sync on your device.

Besides, you can do this by manually syncing the Google Calendar. In case you do not the process. Check out the process to keep a check on Google problems.

Manually Sync Your Google Calendar

Google calendar also allow you to refresh your calendar as well records associated with it. The option is quite fruitful when app does not sync automatically.

  • Open the Google Calendar app on your phone.
  • Tap the three-dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Use the Refresh option and your calendars will get refreshed.

Typically, when you sync your schedules, additional material is applied to your calendars. This uses your phone's storage, so you need to have enough storage to store up-to - date Google calendars on your device.

Besides, in case your still feel the issue, the Google might have issue at its end and your Google Calendar would work just after they find a fix to the issues.

In conclusion

The Google never compromise with its services. If it is an issue such as Google not working, they try to find a permanent fix to the problems.